What you need to know for your driving test

It’s the day of your driving test and you need to be as clued up as possible! We’ve decided to note down the best advice about what you need to know for your driving test – so you can be as prepared as possible and of the right frame of mind!   Firstly, there is…

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Choosing The Right Driving Instructor For You

It can be daunting when you’re trying to figure out who to learn to drive with, what car, what driving instructor… Your driving lessons should be enjoyable and therefore you need to learn to drive with an instructor who you are comfortable with. Everyone has their preferences, some prefer a female driver, others don’t. All…

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The Driving Test Mark Sheet

The driving test mark sheet is something that not many learner drivers have seen, so here at Drive Bedford, we want to encourage learner drivers to know what the mark sheet is about and what it all means. The DVSA doesn’t hide the mark sheet away from learner drivers, so there’s no problem with being…

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Consequences of Using Your Phone While Driving

More and more accidents are occurring due to the use of drivers using their phone whilst driving. One shocking recent article in the news is the story of Christina Jahnz, where after texting at the wheel, her car veered off and hit the metal barriers in the road. She was impaled by a pole which cut…

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Driving Instructor Apps

Driving Instructor Apps It’s tough in the industry for driving instructors. Many large companies draw custom away from small companies and independent instructors by offering heavily discounted prices to reel the pupil in – without letting the pupil know that the hours they pay for will be held back! Competing with large companies isn’t impossible…

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When should you service your car

This is a question that most new drivers on the road probably don’t know. When you take your driving test you asked two ‘Show me, Tell me questions‘. However, none of the questions include anything to do with your service light coming on or how you can tell your car requires a car service.  …

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How to deal with your driving test nerves

If you’re feeling nervous about your test day, don’t worry – you’re not alone! With as many years of experience as we have at Drive Bedford, we have seen it all and we know all of those little tricks to help you deal with your test day nerves. Make sure you’re prepared. There’s nothing worse…

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