Choosing The Right Driving Instructor For You

Choosing The Right Driving Instructor For You

choosing the right instructor for youIt can be daunting when you’re trying to figure out who to learn to drive with, what car, what driving instructor…

Your driving lessons should be enjoyable and therefore you need to learn to drive with an instructor who you are comfortable with. Everyone has their preferences, some prefer a female driver, others don’t. All the time we have pupils call and tell us the sort of things they’re looking for in a driving instructor, some want a┬ámale instructor they can have banter with and others want an easy going female. At Drive Bedford we also have driving instructors in Bedford who are teaching with the latest the latest technology, such as using an iPad with the latest driving instructor apps to help you the pupil understand and pick things up quicker. We also receive regular feedback and reviews from our pupils expressing the technology and the apps makes driving easier to understand and more interesting.

The vehicle you want to learn in should play a part too, note that diesel vehicles are easier to learn in as it is harder to stall in a diesel car, so if you think that may be a problem, diesel would be the way to go. All of our learning vehicles are small, modern and easy to drive, along with being dual controlled, to ensure comfort and safety during lessons.

We would say, you need to figure out who you would be comfortable learning with, how you want to learn and how quickly you want to learn. So if you’re looking to pass quickly, it would make more sense to have a driving instructor who is quite strict so that you would learn quickly. It also helps learning with an instructor with lots of experience in taking pupils for the driving test. Naturally they will be more familiar with the driving test marking sheet, the standards required and the test routes compared to someone who has just qualified.

Here at Drive Bedford, you can rest assured that our driving instructors do not shout and they are friendly people, so whatever your needs, you will always have a driving instructor you can get along with and feel comfortable around. We endeavour to meet your requirements, so we have female and male driving instructors from varied backgrounds, with different teaching styles, to suit all preferences. All you need to do is give us a call on 0800 458 1226, tell us what you want and need and we will find the right instructor for you.

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